Why Trail-Eze?

Choose your trailer wisely.

You have an important job to do. Make sure you choose your trailer wisely.

We build a variety of standard and specialized equipment trailers to help you with all your transportation needs, which is a result of 50 years of experience designing and producing the best the industry has to offer.

So for great craftsmanship, lasting durability, and promises kept, look to the leader. Look to TRAIL-EZE.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Trail-Eze

10.  We believe in creating strong and empowered team members who help us lead the way!!!

9.  We strive to maintain excellent relationships with our employees, vendors and customers.

8.  TRAIL-EZE Trailers has served customers proudly for more than 50 years, and we want to "Thank You" for your business and being part of that tradition.

7.  TRAIL-EZE Trailers is a family owned and operated business, currently run by the 3rd generation.

6.  We are a Midwestern based company with Midwestern values.

5.  We specialize in providing your business with the best trailer for safe, quick and legal equipment transportation.

4.  Our goal is to be fiercely competitive in design and functionality while also adding competitive designs to new and emerging markets.

3.  Our pride depends not only on the first sale, but rather on the continuance of good service to our clients.

2.  We strive not to only meet the needs of our customers, but exceed them.

1.  TRAIL-EZE Trailers will custom design and manufacture your trailer to meet your requirements and to work as hard as you do!!