About AmeriDeck™

In 2005 the AmeriDeck™ product line was purchased by Dale and Barbara Deist of Deist Industries, Inc., and moved from Canada to Hadley, Pennsylvania. Over the past four years, Deist Industries, Inc. has enhanced the core AmeriDeck™ system as well as expanding the variety of detachable truck decks that are available to perform numerous tasks. Now AmeriDeck™ offers four different detachable decks to suit your equipment and material transportation needs.

The flagship SuperDeck provides the means to reduce accidents, damage and manpower in the transport of equipment, tools, bulky cargo, recreational vehicles, and small machinery.

Our ChoreMaster utilizes the same hydraulic lifting mechanism as the SuperDeck and is designed to transform any full size pick-up into a versatile workhorse. With solid tapered sides and a dual function dump gate, the ChoreMaster can dump over 40 cubic feet of loose material such as mulch, soil and sand. Additionally, the ChoreMaster cargo box is easily detached for use on a wide variety of job sites and can also be used to transport equipment.

The AmeriDeck™ product family also includes the SuperDeck IIITM, which is 58’’ wide and was designed for trike enthusiasts. Our SuperDeck XL is 102” wide and was engineered for transporting extra large cargo, such as two snowmobiles side by side.